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Courses and Training

Please note: ABA(Vic) is not a training organisation and does not offer courses to the general public.

Our training courses are run on an as needs basis for the benefit of
Association members only.  As courses depend on the availability of experienced instructors who donate their time, and that there are sufficient numbers of course attendees, we cannot create any schedules.

Training structure for new members.

1. Induction is provided to new members on their first work day at the Barn and includes OHS considerations and the basics of getting started.
2. Regular attendance of workdays at The Barn.
3. Self paced learning exercises.

Contact the Secretary Rick Stadler via email, to enquire about any of the courses listed.
Committed members will then be eligible for more advanced training in;

1. Blacksmiths Hand Forging Course, 4 days duration.
2. Introduction to Power Hammer Forging, 1 day intensive.
3. Wrought Iron Course, 4 days duration.

The Association occasionally runs more specialised training sessions such as tong making depending on the demand and experience of the current membership.

Introduction to Blacksmithing
1/2 day - Morning, $50 (Association members only)

This course has been designed for new members who have not had the opportunity to light a coke fire and to learn more about the tools we use at The Barn, as well as some forging supervision.  Its also an opportunity to ask those questions you have been wanting to ask about blacksmithing.

After the session in the morning you can continue to use the forges while an experienced member is there.

No forging experience is necessary to attend this course.

The course will only run if there is sufficient interest and is currently running as a trial.

Limit of 6 students per course.  Please contact to book on to the course.

Tong Making Course
1 day, $100 (Association members only)

This course covers all the skills to enable you make your own pair of blacksmith's tongs.

Some forging experience is necessary prior to enrolling in this course.

Limit of 6 students per course.


Blacksmiths Hand Forging Course
4 days, $250 (Association members only)

*Prior forging experience is essential before enrolling in this course*

This course will teach you many aspects of forge work on the anvil.

Covering various anvil forging techniques, punching, hot cutting, split and drift,
fire-welding, heat treatment, tong making and blacksmith tool making.

Limit of 6 students per course.


Wrought Iron Course
4 days, $250 (Association members only)

*Prior forging experience is essential before enrolling in this course*

Come and learn the secrets of Wrought Ironwork in the Association's Wrought Iron Course.

Learn various forms of scrollwork, collars, fire-welding and other
decorative techniques.

You must have completed the Association's Hand Forging Course or have
sufficient prior experience before undertaking this course.

Limit of 6 students per course.


Introduction to Power Hammer Forging
1 day, $100 (Association members only)

To use the Association's power hammer, you must have the appropriate training and/or experience.

We offer an introductory course covering safety, start-up and shutdown,
drawing down, upsetting, using dies, hot cutting, swaging and correct
use of tongs and tooling under the hammer.

You must be able to demonstrate sufficient anvil forging experience
before undertaking this course.

This course will be run on an alternate Sunday to the regular barn meeting days.

Limit of 6 students per course.

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