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FAQ Section

Some answers to some frequently asked questions...

♦ Where can I get coke?
Oskar Heucherig, Donvale VIC. Ph. (03) 9874 8841 Mont De Lancey Blacksmithing Group; Brighton Fuel Supplies, Brighton VIC. Ph. (03) 9596 3627

♦Where can I buy an anvil?

:- Mustad Hoofcare: Willowmavin Road, Kilmore Australia (Trade prices are available on proof of current ABA(Vic) membership
:- G.F. Loft Blacksmiths, Heidelberg West VIC Ph.(03) 9457 7411;
:- Hare & Forbes Mahinery House, Dandenong VIC. Ph. (03) 9212 4422
:- eBay, Gumtree, clearing sales, antique shops, even where you least expect it so be prepared!
 Hare & Forbes
:- Oskar Heucherig, Donvale VIC. Ph. (03) 9874 8841 Mont De Lancey Blacksmiths;
:- eBay;
:- Trading Post Online

♦What is a reasonable price for an anvil and how long is a piece of string?
The price of an anvil will vary considerably. It may depend on a number of things, the least of which often being the actual value. A good anvil, one that is complete, has a straight face and minimally damaged through misuse, could set you back $5 per lb or $2.50 per kg or maybe more. A very poor anvil, missing a horn or tail, badly swayed in the in the face, with chipped or badly rounded edges or a soft face could cost as much.

♦ Where can I buy a forge?
- Oskar Heucherig, Donvale VIC. Ph. (03) 9874 8841 Mont De Lancey Blacksmithing Group; eBay; Trading Post Online

♦ How do I become a member?
- Download a membership form and send back to us; Come and visit us at The Barn on any regular meeting day.

♦ How much does membership cost?
- Full Member: $60 per year (July-June) plus $10 once only admin fee. Concession Member (pension/interstate etc): $40 per year (July-June) plus $10 once only admin fee.

♦ How old do I have to be to become a member?
- You must be at least 16 years old to work at the Barn unsupervised by a parent or guardian.

♦ Can girls/women join too?
- Yes, of course. We have a very active female membership, and we have women only forging days too.

♦ What experience do I need to become a member?
- No prior blacksmithing experience is necessary but it would be good if you were used to getting dirty.

♦ What safety gear do I need?
- Solid covered shoes/boots, hearing and eye protection and non-flammable clothing (natural fibres) are mandatory, gloves and leather apron are recommended.

♦ What courses do you run?
- Refer Courses and Training

♦ Do I need to be a member to do a course?
- Most definitely, absolutely and unequivocally. If you are not a member there is not much point enquiring about courses. Refer to Membership

♦ How much experience do I need to do a course?
- No experience is necessary for the induction phase nor to begin the self paced excercises. All other courses require a greater skill level so you can get the most out of them.

♦ How much do courses cost?
- See the Courses and Training page for current course offers and cost.

♦ How often do you meet?
- The Barn is open for members every second Sunday, see the Upcoming Events page for dates.

♦ Where can I find a blacksmith?
- See the Links and Associates-Members websites page to find members willing to take on paid blacksmithing work. Alternatenively try the phone book.

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