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Special Event - 'Needle Stack' Collaboration  

On Monday the 12th June, the King's Birthday public holiday, we are having a Hammer-in at The Barn to forge our contribution to this exciting  collaboration. 10am to 4pm.

The idea 

 "Needle Stack is about coming together as individual makers to share the love of our craft to create a beautifully complex future for blacksmithing in Australia."

 Needle stack drawing .png

What we are making

"Each needle is a tapered and gently curved square bar with 1 or 2 square holes in the thick end and the head slightly upset. Each needle should have a blunt end.



 Stock size: There is no set length or stock size as we want diversity, Bar between 10 - 30mm square would be a good place to start. As small as 6mm would be ok and some really big ones would be great to form a stable base. 

 Length: Average might be 100 - 400mm long. In our testing we found shorter chunkier needles tend to look better than long thin ones when assembled."

For full details, click here.

We will provide materials, tools and coke for the day. Just bring your favourite hammers and PPE. 

All skill levels welcome, as are all members!
Please let me know if you are coming, so we know how much material to get.

I hope to see you there.

Guy Metcalfe,


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