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The Drift

“The Drift” is the name of the quarterly newsletter published, printed and mailed to all ABA(VIC) members. The association encourages all members to submit written summaries/photos of their activities and other interesting information for publication in the newsletter. 

Deadline dates for the submission of articles to the Editor are presented below:

  • 14th January (Or the end of the second week in January)
  • 14th April 
  • 14th July 
  • 14th October 

To ease editiorial and layout activities, it is requested that any text articles be sent in an editable text format and any associated images be submitted (preferably in .jpg or .tiff formats) as separate numbered files (appropriately referenced from within the submitted text).  It is also requested that members check and ensure that the total size of any articles or images attached to an email is below 5MB and to separate larger submissions into multiple emails.

Our downloadable files are in Adobe® Acrobat format and about 2mb in size. These editions are abridged versions and posted here 3 months out of date. Complete current hardcopy versions are only issued to full members of the Association with no email access.

Issue 117 

The Drift 117 

Issue 105 Out Now

Issue 104 Out Now

Issue 103 Out Now


103 Front Cover

Issue 102 Out Now

102 Front Cover

Issue 101 Out Now

101 Front Cover

Issue 100 - Not Available

Issue 99 Out Now

Drift 99

Issue 98 Out Now


Issue 97 Out now

Issue 96 Out now

Issue 95 Out now

Issue 94 Out now

Issue 93 Out now

Issue 92 Out now

Issue 91 Out Now



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