A Brief History


1989 t0 2019

A brief history of the inception and founding of the Australian Blacksmiths Association (Victoria) by one of those founders and our current patron, Keith Towe, with foreword by Rick Stadler, Secretary ABAVic (2016-2020) and recipient of the 2020 Founders award.

An excerpt from the foreword: 

"Associations are almost a lifeform. They have beginnings, developments, times of growth and setback, challenges and maturity. Members come and go, influencing the nature of the Association and its function, so it is important to record the story of its genesis and development to enable future growth by learning lessons from the past of what worked and what did not. If the history is lost, the direction of the Association can wander and stray significantly from the noble principles on which it was founded. A reminder of the guiding principles is very necessary."

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Keith Towe

Author: Keith Towe