Where We Meet

We meet at The Barn every fortnight on Sunday from 10:00am to 4:30pm (Training courses usually start at 9:00am).
Check the work days page for our open days.

The Barn has six permanent brick forges and several portable forges, with enough tongs and tools to get you started.
We also have three power hammers, a 1cwt Massey, a Bradley helve hammer and a 1 cwt Massey (being reconditioned) for our members to use, (conditions apply).

Our workshop is in:

The Blacksmith's Barn, 

Bundoora Park Farm and Café,

1069 Plenty Rd,

Bundoora VIC 3083.

(Melways map 19, F4).

Until you join the Association, you will need to enter via the visitors centre
and pay admission to the Cooper's Settlement. Visitors always welcome.

The Blacksmith's Barn

The Blacksmith's Barn

Sadly the chestnut tree did not survive our twelve year drought and is in need of replacement. Hopefully in another twenty odd years the new one will look like this.

Number 1 Forge

The same corner of the Barn as seen from inside. This is the round bluestone No.1 forge.